Why We Should Eat Meats?

Many people always relates meat to cancer, yes this is a rumor. Eating meat is usually related to something harmful for body, less healthy and can cause death sooner. However, not all issues and rumor about meat are true. Some of them are even not proven at all. Meats is also a very good food our body need. Besides, it has good tastes, and could be one of the favorite of almost people in the world.


Don’t be hesitate, just eat meat and you do not need to be worry about anything. To ensure you, here are some reasons why we should eat meat.

Meat Contains Many Types of Nutrients

we all also realize that meats contain many types of nutrients. It contains B12, B3 (Niacin), B6, iron, zinc, selenium and various other vitamins and minerals. Good quality meats contains many types of beneficial nutrients for our body and they are what your body needs for cell growth and body endurance. Besides, meats also contains Carnosine which functions as an anti-oxidant, creatine and also omega-3.

Meat Does not Raise Cardiovascular Disease or Diabetes

There is a rumour that eating meats can raise cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Meat is high with saturated fat, however, it is only a myth. Saturated fat is not related to hearth disease. The amount of saturated fat increases for processed meat, especially if you cannot process it properly. You need to limit the amount of eating processed meat, but it does not mean you cannot eat them at all. Or, you need to process the meat properly.

Meat is Loaded With High Quality Protein

High quality protein is needed very much by our body. Protein itself is long strings of amino acids that are linked together and folded into complex shapes. Protein will be good for diet, and body building, and to maintain your cells in your body.

There is Weak Correlation With Cancer

Studies shows that meat has a very weak correlation with cancer, only if you consume it too much and you cannot process it properly. So, don’t worry to eat meat everyday.

Human Being are Omnivorous

We function best both eating plants and animals. We eat fruits, we eat veggies, and we also should eat meat. Our digestive system is designed as well as possible to blend all the substances coming into our body. We should eat both plants and animals. Those contains beneficial nutrients for our body for metabolism, growth and body endurance. However, we only need to manage every portion of animals and plants coming into our body. We need to know how many our body needs.

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