Secret of Kylie Jenner Sexy Body

Kylie Jenner has very sexy body which makes everyone feel so jealous. If you also want to have the body like hers, you need to do exercise regularly. The 19-years old girl has very stunning body with big butt and breast, she has what every woman in the world wants. So, if you also want to have sexy body like her, you also need to follow some steps that she does everyday with her personal trainer.


Just like the other sisters, she also loves doing exercise, and maintain her life style by eating healthy foods. However, Kylie Jenner also loves eating sweet foods such as Oreo. Vegetable salad is the good menu she finds almost everyday.

Here are some workout summary done by Kylie Jenner, so you can consider to follow it as well.

Kylie Jenner loves running in Hollywood Hills. You also can consider to run regularly around your house.

She did not always do workout routine in stone, but she loves exercise to loose weight. She realizes that she gained weight, so the exercise is cardio for weight loss.

Kylie tones her body and she uses weight-training exercises. Her trainer, Gunnar Peterson, helps her to focus on her legs, abs, butt & arms.

She also loves drinking fit tea detox, eating Kale Salad and drinking Organing juice to help her lose her weight.

However, Kylie is an adrenaline junkie, we can see it when watching #KUWTK, how she loves junkies so much. However, she realizes as well that her sister, Kendall, eats junkies more than her.

Kylie Jenner Exercises

Here are the exercise she does every Monday and Wednesday

  • Do 1 set of each exercise in the circuit.
  • 15 Min Cardio (3 x 15 minute rounds = 45 min total)
  • Repeat the circuit 2-3 more times.

For the circuit exercise, here are the detail:

Exercise                       Sets                 Reps

Repeat Circuit             2-3                   More Times

Dumbbell Squats         1                     15

Single-Leg Lunges      1                      15

Skater Lunge               1                     15

Side Lunges                  1                      15

Stability Ball Leg

Curls                                1                     15

Cable Lat Pulldowns  1                     15

Dumbbell Rows          1                      15

Dumbbell Bicep Curls 1                     15

Crunches                     1                      25

Reverse Crunches       1                     25

Ball Throws                 1                     25

Mountain Climbers     1                     60 sec

Planks                          1                     90 sec

HIIT Cardio                1                      15 Min

The Monday/Wednesday workout focus is on legs (thighs & glutes), biceps, back & abs. Sometimes, she does this workout on Friday. This is because, if she skips a day, she has to make up for it later in the week.


Angelina Jolie Workout Routine

Everybody knows that Angelina Jolie has stunning body as always. In her 41 years old, she still have thin body and she still looks fresh and young. So, does she have a secret?

Every popular celebrity must do some hard workouts to get very good body shape. Angelina Jolie must have secret, it is workout. Her workout routine uses a lot of circuit training. She does it with her personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson.


According to Gunnar Peterson, Angelina Jolie’s method is circuit training. She combines the exercise with aerobic exercise. It is very good for her health and body shape, and it will be effective to lose weight. However, exercise is even not enough. Angelina Jolie also do diet program by eating low calory foods.

Circuit training will be beneficial because it combines strength training and cardio exercise.  So, here’s the Angelina Jolie Workout, as designed by her trainer Gunnar Peterson.

  • Wide Dumbbell Squats (15 reps)
  • Forward Lunges (15 reps)
  • Side Lunges with Twist (15 reps)
  • Squat and Press (15 reps)
  • Stability Ball Leg Curls (10-12 reps)
  • Cable Lat Pulldowns (10-12 reps)
  • Dumbbell Rows (10-12 reps)
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curls (10-12 reps)
  • Close Grip Bicep Curls (10-12 reps)
  • Crunches (15 reps)
  • Reverse Crunches (15 reps)
  • 30 secs of Mountain Climbers, Jump Rope, or High Knees.
  • Repeat circuit 2-3 times (switch up the rotation of each exercise if you wish)
  • 30-45 Minutes of (HITT) High Intensity Intervals Training Cardio work

After all circuit training session, Angelina Jolie has 30 minutes for aerobic session. She runs on treadmill during 30 minutes and then take a rest by walking slowly. This way will be really good to make her body looks great as always.

If you also want to have a cool body like many hollywood celebrity have, you need to attempt more. You should put yourself in an effort to gain your body goal just like what Angelina Jolie does. Find the best method that fits to your need and body shape. Find a right personal trainer, and dedicate your time to do more workout. It will be the more interesting than doing hangout.


Easy 25 Days to Lean Meal Plan

Health is started with habit. You need to choose the best food you eat, having good quality sleeping, doing exercise regularly, and also maintain your health by being happy everyday. Health is something very prestigious, for some people it is even becomes their everyday focus. Just keep our health since we are young, unless we want to be regret when we are old.


So, what to do to lean meal plan?

Having meal plan is also critical. To gain health it is not only doing exercise so much. You should follow diet plan. I think that exercise you do for many days is useless when finally you eat one burger with your friends, or eat snack while watching TV. Keeping your health by choosing the best food to eat, and lean your diet is the fundamental thing. It is the foundation of your hard body.

So, which one is better to weight loss? Diet or exercise? To answer this, Bodybuilding nutrition consultant Jim Juge says “The diet is 65% of what you need to get in shape,””So, the 35% others are exercise. To have healthy body and body shape you want, 65% of the efforts are diet. Avoid some harmfull foods, consume more foods with fiber, protein, healthy fat, and also some important nutrient.

So, just try to lean meal plan during 25 days! Start it right now!

What are foods you can consume? Here are the list

  1. Leafy greens
  2. Eggs (especially whole eggs)
  3. Chicken breast
  4. Lean beef
  5. Fish (Salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, etc)
  6. Bean and sprouts
  7. Fruits (Avocado, apples, banana, etc)
  8. potatoes (For carb and energy)
  9. Cottage cheese
  10. Whey protein powder
  11. Veggies

Those are only the examples, you can find many others friendly foods you can eat for your healthy body.
Stick yourself to do the program properly. So here are some principles you should follow in order to keep you in track.
1. Eat at least 1 gram of protein per found of body weight daily

2. Eat less carb

3. Drink enough water, at least a gallon of water every day. It can make you stay hydrated.

4. Have enough and good quality sleeping.

5. Consume vitamin or suplement.

6. Be optimist.

7. Hang out with friends with healthy life style as well.

7 Friendly Foods for Diet You Should Eat

When it comes to lose weight your body, the diet program will be the best thing to do. Eat no calories, it will be effective to reduce fat and weight lose. Eating bad and harmful foods will only make your body gets worse.

So, start to do healthy life style by eating healthy food with less calories, sugar, less fat, and carb as well. All the substances are important for body, but unfortunately people cannot count and do not want to know how many of each substances coming into their body. Too much fat and carb also is not good. We should make it balance as our body need it.


So, start eating good food right now. Here are the 20 most weight loss friendly foods on earth you should consume during diet, that are supported by science.

Whole Eggs

To help you reducing weight and calories, whole eggs will be your best friend. It is very low cholesterol, so you do not need to feel worry anymore about eating too much cholesterol. At the end, it will not cause hearth attack, and of course can help you keeping healthy and looks beautiful with your body. Eggs are also great nutrient dense, and it can help you have good metabolism.

Leafy Greens

Do you love eating leavy greens? Of course it will be a very good food you can eat for health. Leafy greens include kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards and a few others. The leaf greens will be perfect for weight loss, and can help you maintain your healthy body. They are low calories and carbs, but they have so much fiber. Fiber can help people to longered the appetite. You can eat more leafy greens.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Veggies are always good for health, and they are very friendly to eat. Cruciferous Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts will be very good for your body, they can be consumed everyday. They are also loaded with fibers, and they will be the perfect meal to consume. Studies show that they contain cancer fighting substances.


Salmon is an oily fish, and it is incredibly healthy. It has few calories and it has great taste. This fish is also loaded with high quality protein. It contains healthy fats, and some important nutrients as well. Salmon is superfood you need to consume, it is friendly for diet. You also can try other alternatives oily fish such as trout, sardines, mackerel and herring.

Chicken Breast and Lean Beef

Meat is also good for your body. You can choose to consume chicken breast and lean beef. They are healthy and contains less calories. They are satisfying and of course, contains high protein. Protein is also really important for youd body. You can cook them with many ways you love.

Boiled Potatoes

You can consume less carb, and try for the alternative choice. You can consider to eat boiled potatoes. It contains carb and other useful substances for your body. Potatoes are great to give people fullness. It contains great nutrient, and will give you energy.


Beans and legumes are great foods to consume. They will be very beneficial for your weight loss program. They contains high protein and fiber which are useful for your body.


Avocado is a unique type of fruit. Avocado is loaded with fats, but it is healthy fats. So do not worry to consume avocados, its fat is the same like found in olive oil. Avocado also contains some important nutrient such as fiber and potassium. You can consume it in juice, or you can meal it with salad.


How to Lose Belly Fat With 5 Steps

Having a big belly will be very terrifying. It can make our performance looks bad, and will feel very uncomfortable. However, you also do not let it worse. You should try to lose your belly fat to make yourself feel more confident and comfortable. Flat belly also will give you better way for clothes. You can choose many types of clothes because you will not worry about your big belly.


For some people, losing belly will be quite confusing and exhausting. You should do regular workout, you should avoid the foods you love the most. You also should avoid drinking alcohol. However, having big belly is not a good deal, it is unhealthy and not good looking.

People estimate Belly fat is by measuring circumference around the waist. This can easily be done at home with a simple tape measure you can do by yourself. Above 40 inches (102) cm in men and 35 inches (88 cm) in women are categorized as abdominal obesity, you should lose the fat in this area.\

So, how to do this? Just follow the tips below.

Cut Carbs

Reducing carbs consumption during your belly fat lose program will be really effective. This way will be effective to reduce appetite, so you can easily lose your weight. Reducing carbs during diet can 2-3 times more weight loss. If you focus the diet in belly, low carbs will be effective. Studies have proven that low-carbs diet is better to lose fat in belly than low-fat.

Avoid Consuming Sugar And Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

Too much sugar is unhealthy. Reduce the amount of sugar coming into your body. sugar-sweetened drinks are also not good. They has harmful effects on metabolic health. If you eat too much sugar, your liver gets overloaded with fructose, and is forced to turn it all into fat. Liquid sugar is even worse, you end up with more calories when you consuming this in big amount. So be careful of this.

Consume More Protein

Less sugar, but more protein! This will be another great long-term strategy to reduce fat in your belly. Protein is the most important macronutrient especially when you are losing fat. Protein also can help you to avoid regaining fat when you abandon weight loss program and exercise in the future.

Enrich Fiber

Eating more foods rich in fiber will be another important thing to do. The fiber foods, especially viscous fiber can help you losing weight and belly fat. By eating fiber foods, you can get prolonged feeling of fullness, and in the end it can reduce your appetite. You also can consume suplement with fiber such as glucomannan to help your diet program.

Doing Exercise

The last but not least, another very effective way to fasten your weight loss program is by doing exercise. Exercise can help you live longer, and avoid you from disease. Another benefit is that it can help you building your body based on your own goal. You can hire a personal trainer to help you gain your goal, especially to lose belly fat.