Angelina Jolie Workout Routine

Everybody knows that Angelina Jolie has stunning body as always. In her 41 years old, she still have thin body and she still looks fresh and young. So, does she have a secret?

Every popular celebrity must do some hard workouts to get very good body shape. Angelina Jolie must have secret, it is workout. Her workout routine uses a lot of circuit training. She does it with her personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson.


According to Gunnar Peterson, Angelina Jolie’s method is circuit training. She combines the exercise with aerobic exercise. It is very good for her health and body shape, and it will be effective to lose weight. However, exercise is even not enough. Angelina Jolie also do diet program by eating low calory foods.

Circuit training will be beneficial because it combines strength training and cardio exercise.  So, here’s the Angelina Jolie Workout, as designed by her trainer Gunnar Peterson.

  • Wide Dumbbell Squats (15 reps)
  • Forward Lunges (15 reps)
  • Side Lunges with Twist (15 reps)
  • Squat and Press (15 reps)
  • Stability Ball Leg Curls (10-12 reps)
  • Cable Lat Pulldowns (10-12 reps)
  • Dumbbell Rows (10-12 reps)
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curls (10-12 reps)
  • Close Grip Bicep Curls (10-12 reps)
  • Crunches (15 reps)
  • Reverse Crunches (15 reps)
  • 30 secs of Mountain Climbers, Jump Rope, or High Knees.
  • Repeat circuit 2-3 times (switch up the rotation of each exercise if you wish)
  • 30-45 Minutes of (HITT) High Intensity Intervals Training Cardio work

After all circuit training session, Angelina Jolie has 30 minutes for aerobic session. She runs on treadmill during 30 minutes and then take a rest by walking slowly. This way will be really good to make her body looks great as always.

If you also want to have a cool body like many hollywood celebrity have, you need to attempt more. You should put yourself in an effort to gain your body goal just like what Angelina Jolie does. Find the best method that fits to your need and body shape. Find a right personal trainer, and dedicate your time to do more workout. It will be the more interesting than doing hangout.


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